Monday, 22 August 2011

Lancia Delta Turntable Final

Updated the video for a final time to include the mud, environment and wireframe turn arounds.

Tidying up the mud.

I went on CGTextures and got some great splat effects and used these to create some create brushes. Adding in all the flecks and speckles of mud has given a much more realistic look.

You can really tell I've been playing Dirt 2 for the past few months. Watching all those rally cars and trucks drive through thick and heavy mud definitely influenced this pieces outcome.

I'll get to rendering out a full 360 spin next. Will take my poor PC a few days as there's so many textures. I must also look into upgrading my graphics card. It has been pushed to it's limits these past few weeks.

Muddy Lancia

I've been working non stop to finish this piece. One of the things I always intended to do but wasn't sure I would ever find the time, was to get it covered in mud and dirt.

I'm almost there with the mud. Perhaps need to even it out a bit with some more speckles etc. Also I have to add the reflections back into the body work paint but I'll do that tomorrow.
Still not sure about the colour.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lancia Turntable

Here's a quick turntable of the car to show it's current progress. My computer is quite slow to render so I'll update with a more comprehensive video soon.

I've been building a nice large tree asset which just needs leaves textured and built. Once that's finished I just want to play with the glass to get the correct reflections and I'll call this piece complete.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Improving the Lancia Environment

This is still a work in progress but I'm getting closer to feeling finished with this piece. I've added a background treeline to stop that infinite horizon effect happening. Already the car feels like it's in a wooded forest.

I'd like to build some stronger and large tree assets next. I've been back out with my camera taking lots of reference pictures so all that remains is to get building.