Monday, 11 April 2011

In Memory Design

I spent a lot of time researching movement and motion on a bicycle.

I kept the design style simple and angular to create bold dramatic spaces with a strong use of colour. I wanted a grey mournful tone with this vivid splash of green in the high vis jacket that would slowly fade to a grey and white ending.

In Memory Concept

This is the article that originally inspired my animation. The image was so striking and powerful that it immediately started creating images and narratives in my mind.

Below is my final colour storyboard created from both my original storyboard sketches and shots from my animatic. As you can see some things are exactly as I intended and some parts were dropped. There was an idea for the use of the seasons changing to show the long passage of time which I decided not to use and opted for something still keeping the cyclist around and having him pick up and drop some flowers.

The last image of this post shows a mood board of some of the images, posters, and pictures that helped shape my project.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

In Memory 2011

This is my final year project from university. I recently found someone who offered to create some originally audio music for the animation. Together we have put together a completely original piece of work that I can finally call finished.

The animation is inspired by an article about ghost bikes. All across the world people now create these unique memorials to remember those who have died whilst cycling. A completely white bike is placed at the area they died as both a memorial and a warning to motorists to remember to watch out for cyclists on the road.

I cycle on busy roads everyday and the article really spoke to me and inspired me to create a narrative based around those visuals of a white bike.

The animation shows one cyclists final journey.