Friday, 30 December 2011

Goldeneye Sketches

The top image are sketches I drew yesterday. Haven't drawn in a while so it took a while to warm up. The second image shows my sketches from today. The image of Boris and Natasha came out great. These images are the first two pages of a new A3 sketchbook. I hope I can continue with this quality and fill it up with even greater drawings. I don't want it to be a portraits sketchbook so I'll be drawing other things too in the future.

As a side note, the camera quality is really poor. I'd love to upgrade to a digital SLR camera at some point. It's an expensive purchase though!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

P99 (correctly named)

I've been finishing off this model finally! Tidied up a lot of the normal maps and added small little details like the nuts and bolts. Built bullets which came out nicely. They add some interest to the image which I'm really pleased about. I can't decide if I prefer the gun with or without the silencer.

I shall be focusing on my 3D modelling for the next week. Hoping to start a new project soon.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mud & Paint

I finally have had the time to get back to my Lancia. He's been unloved and neglected for at least a month.

Spent a while adding the paint lines in. As simple as they are, I was being too much of a perfectionist in positioning them and having be correct to the reference photos. I think this second attempt at mud is better but it still isn't quite there. The original rally car is covered in sponsor decals but I decided against them. Most would be covered by the mud anyway. :P

The car has a lot of life and history to it now. Actually feels a part of the environment. I tweaked the shadows and reflections again. I think they're right now.

My next task is to give more life to the muddy road by adding tire tracks and finally recreate some stronger grass textures. I also feel I could do with some bushes to fill out the distant background.