Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mud & Paint

I finally have had the time to get back to my Lancia. He's been unloved and neglected for at least a month.

Spent a while adding the paint lines in. As simple as they are, I was being too much of a perfectionist in positioning them and having be correct to the reference photos. I think this second attempt at mud is better but it still isn't quite there. The original rally car is covered in sponsor decals but I decided against them. Most would be covered by the mud anyway. :P

The car has a lot of life and history to it now. Actually feels a part of the environment. I tweaked the shadows and reflections again. I think they're right now.

My next task is to give more life to the muddy road by adding tire tracks and finally recreate some stronger grass textures. I also feel I could do with some bushes to fill out the distant background.

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