Thursday, 29 November 2012

Life Drawing

Finally found a local life drawing class. Went along for the first time this evening. I haven't done any life drawing in a few years and it feels great to be doing it again. The class was only 2 hours but I feel I got some great drawings from that short amount of time. There was some 5 minute sketches but they aren't included above as my camera couldn't pick up the light line work very well. My personal favorites are the first drawing with the model lying back. It was a really nice pose and came out really well for a 10 minute drawing. I also enjoyed the final drawing above which was a full 45 minute pose so plenty of time to work on the proportions and shading.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Girl In The Fireplace Poster

Here is my poster for my fave episode of Doctor Who, The Girl In The Fireplace. Spent a while today working on the portrait's of both the Doctor and Renette so they would match the quality of the android. I decided I would keep pushing to get this finished and add the other elements. I cheated a little bit with the fireplace. My original version just looked shit. I also realised I should make more of a feature of the clock  that sits on the fireplace. I created a new larger element for the cracked clock face which is also an important plot point in the episode. It makes for a great center piece as anything circular usually does. Once I had that positioned it was much easier for me to place everything else. The poster could still do with some tidying up. I'm not sure what to do with the bottom edge of the portraits. They look very rough in their current form. Maybe I'll stick a soft opacity gradient on it and be done with it. I'd love to add a title and find a nice font too but for now I just want to share the image as it is. Think I'll go watch an episode of Doctor Who now...

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Digital Painting - 3 hours

I finally got around to doing this portrait of Kayleigh. I promised to do it months ago but had never found the time to sit and do it. I decided to use my wacom tablet for this pic which I found to be a struggle trying to get a nice blend and softness. I always find myself missing the feel of a pencil on paper or a paintbrush on canvas. I still need to find that more painterly style when using the tablet. I really want to just do some simple sketching tomorrow.