Saturday, 16 July 2011

Doctor Who Portrait

Acrylic / coloured pencils on canvas board 46 x 55 cm

Taking a break from the 3D modelling, here is a portrait painting I have been meaning to upload for a while. I painted it as a gift a few months ago but it also gave me a reason to create some art for a show I love.

David Tennant's Doctor has some of my favorite episodes so this painting was a pleasure to create.

I thought I would try using canvas board for a change with the goal of adding coloured pencil line work over the top of the paint. Unfortunately the pencils were difficult to apply so I couldn't get the detail I originally hoped for. They did a great job of adding the pin stripes to his suit, something I would have struggled to create with just paint and a tiny brush.

I'm really pleased with the final piece, this was my first portrait using acrylic paints and I hope I get a reason to do something like this again.

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  1. Thats amazing. I've only just started to get really into painting myself and have this weird thing I do, where I cut some of my hair or shave hair of and apply it to an area of the paintings. Just a personal touch.
    I might have to try the coloured pencil on Acrylics. What kind of effect was you hoping for? so that I can let you know if I get this in the future.