Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Carriage Textures

I've spent the past few days pulling this model apart and building high poly parts. I'm getting very efficient UV mapping each model but as always each model throws up different problems to solve. I tried to use fewer texture maps with this piece even though that meant re-baking several times after working out better ways of mirroring and reusing parts. I changed the rear suspension to be the same as the front. I have found some versions of this carriage use this system and others have a more complicated different rear suspension method. I decided it would be more efficient to re-use the front suspension. This is the more likely solution if I were building this model for a game engine.

I'm not sure if I took the mud layers too far but I like the grimey used look. This carriage has been places!

Next I will be building a horse, reigns, and driver. I think I'll start on the driver tomorrow. It's been a while since I have done any organic modelling so that will bring some new challenges.

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