Sunday, 9 December 2012

Life Drawing II

Had my second life drawing class this week. Would have put the pictures up after the class on Thursday but my camera was struggling to focus in the dark evening light. I've finally got around to taking the pics again in the light of day so you can see these new drawings properly. The class followed the same pattern of several 5 minute drawings, a couple of 10, a 20 minute and finally a 45 minute pose. The pics above are arranged in that order. All are in an A3 sketchbook, same one as last week.

The poses were very challenging this week. I think I only succeeded in capturing a couple of them properly. The final drawing above of the 45 minute pose was the most challenging. I spent a lot of time reworking the legs. I rubbed them out and redrew them at least 3 times. You can still see the various different positions the legs went through. The first attempt had them positioned way too low and out of proportion of the rest of the body. Still not sure they're correct but it's good to push myself.

My favorite drawing of the night is number 5. It's a great pose and I really wanted to get it right. Would have liked to have had more time on this pose. I would like to get some larger paper for my next class and maybe try using some charcoal again to loosen up my line work.

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