Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lancia Texturing II

I have been texturing some of the finer details of the car, adding the badges, wipers, and most recently the lower orange lights and grill. Whilst searching for reference images for the badges I found some better quality reference for the center grill so I went back and re-textured it.

The centre Lancia badge looks quite flat so I think I will build more of a 3d mesh rather than just projecting the image onto a single plane. It's a focus point of the front of the car so I think it should have a greater amount of detail. The 'HF' badge came out really well using a normal map so I would like the Lancia badge to be at the same quality.

I added a simple mud texture to ground the car and give it some weight. I can't wait to begin creating the full forest environment. There are just a few more areas I want to finish on the car first.

- Texture the square fog lights on the front
- Texture the back lights
- Build the exhaust

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