Friday, 17 February 2012

Bell Tower Construction

Here's an update of my current project. It's taking a while to build so I thought I would show some screen captures of the 3D model. I have just finished these ornate stone windows which sit on each side of the top of the bell tower.

The main arches were very challenging as they have a lot of detail in the ridges. Here I've built the main areas and I'll include the finer details in the texture and normal map. I have to keep tweaking areas to all the pieces sit correctly against one another.

With the arches finished I now have to integrate them into the tower and then mirror the sides correctly. I love using symmetry to quickly build up the model. That's definitely a positive of architecture that you re-use your pieces to build the larger structure and have a massive jump going from just having a few detailed pieces to having this huge intricate structure appear within minutes.

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