Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gate House

I've started a new piece focusing on practicing my architecture and building skills. I've chosen to build a church and graveyard. I wanted something old with a lot of history and traditional building materials. The pictures above show the small gate building to the graveyard. I'm really happy with this how this turned out for a first go at a structure. The polycount is really low with all the details baked on using high poly models.

The tiles are really effective and are completely built from scratch. I built a full set of tiles which I spent some time rotating and moving them to give the random appearance. I then painted the tiles using some brushes.

I created the wood effects using several wood tiles and overlay with a few details such as the carvings taken from photo reference.

There is a gate that I've modelled but is not textured yet. It should be relatively simple to add that in tomorrow. My next goal is to build and begin texturing the clock tower.

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