Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Goldeneye Black & White

I've spent the day doing lots of rendering and experimenting on some 3D stuff so I took a break from that this evening and spent an hour playing around with this poster again. I was looking at some 60's portrait photography earlier and it inspired me to take a different approach with this piece. I also had some great feedback which was to try removing some of the elements. I was also given the idea for the tagline which is just fantastic (thanks Andy!). I took it one step further and tried to see what was the bare minimum needed to sell the film. It was painful to lose some of the other portraits, I really enjoyed drawing them. I also tried the poster with just the tagline without the film title which I thought was great but it probably wouldn't appeal to most. This image excites me a lot more than my previous attempts. I love the classic look and I think it now looks like a poster that could actually be used to sell the film. There is no way the advertising people would have used something as minimal and arty as this for such a major movie but I think it's an enjoyable image. Trevelyan could probably do with some more work and detail. The poster relies a lot more on his likeness and presence than it did previously. So not quite finished, not sure I'll ever be completely satisfied!

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