Thursday, 5 April 2012

Church Update

Progress is starting to pick up with this church piece. I've been working on it whilst working on my poster work to break up the projects.

The tower is finally textured and what a massive jump the piece makes having this in place. I find the modelling aspect to be slow going at times but find myself getting really absorbed with texturing often spending hours tweaking and rendering.

I'm building the church in three major sections; the tower, the main hall (shown above) and a second hall which is still to be built.

I have been spending far too much time revisiting the real church and wandering around the graveyard this week getting new photos for reference usually for specific windows and also taking pics of interesting graves that catch my eye. Frustratingly, most of the windows are unique taking similar elements and shapes and using them in different ways. This slows me down as I find myself wanting to accurately capture the variety in the architecture. I'm sure I would have to sacrifice this variety if this model were used in a game engine to enable it to be built in a more efficient manner.

There is one more window to be built on the main hall, and some smaller windows and a door on the rear side.

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